The SEB portfolio of manufactured products sets the benchmark in performance, reliability, flexibility and profitability. Our experience combines manufacturing, integration, operations and support capability giving us the ability to design products to meet the most demanding user requirements. We continually invest in our manufacturing capabilities and employ LEAN production methodologies to reduce lead times, lower cost and deliver consistently high quality.

Our manufacturing capability benefits from our highly experienced and long established engineering and assembly skills. From our leading production facility in Uganda we deliver depth of capability across a diverse range of industry sectors: i.e. Agriculture, Food industry, Energy sector, water sector, Transport and Rail sector.


To enable the delivery of our manufacturing services, we have advanced capabilities in
Design engineering
Manufacturing engineering
Systems engineering
Procurement and logistics
Mechanical engineering
Technology integration
Project planning, governance and reporting
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and contractor management


A tailored solution delivered through client collaboration.
Engineers are involved in all facets of the project life cycle, from concept development through to operation and maintenance.
Knowledgeable, safety-aware and experienced resources can be accessed and available for deployment to client project locations in the shortest possible time.
Reduced lead times, lower costs and improved quality through the use of LEAN manufacturing practices.